General goals:

  • Songs for rhythm guitar and voice
  • Varying song structures
  • Less grating voice tones
  • Varied full (amplified) guitar sounds
  • Consistent pacing and tempo
  • Consistent pitch and vibrato
  • Consistent and varying dynamics
  • Full use of vocal ranges and timbres
  • Full use of mute, rests and harmonic notes throughout

Targets for each song:

  • Demo (guitar and voice) recording
  • Arranged (ensemble) recording
  • Illustrated A3 shortscore notation e.g.
  • A4 Lino/woodcut poster e.g.
  • A4 Cut-out character*
  • Demo music video e.g.
  • (ensemble) music video

Milestone goals:

  • Sell poster prints**
  • License recordings
  • Raise money for charity
  • Raise awareness for mental health issues


General goals:

  • Both vocal and Instrumental tracks
  • Focus on rhythm and sound design
  • Source material for orchestral music

Targets for each song:

  • Recording
  • Stem-mix tracks
  • A3 Digitally illustrated poster e.g.
  • A4 Cut-out character* e.g.
  • Music video e.g.

Milestone goals:

  • Sell poster prints**
  • License recordings
  • Raise money for charity


General goals:

  • Compose with pen and paper
  • Use of counterpoint throughout
  • Source material for electronic music
  • Focus on sound design

Targets for each song:

  • Recording e.g.
  • A3 shortscore
  • A3 Digitally illustrated poster
  • Illustrated A5 black & white zine*†

Milestone goals:

  • Sell poster prints**
  • License recordings
  • Raise money for charity
  • Compose and orchestrate one minute of music per eight hours

* Digital downloads sold for charity
** Ideally to cover the time spent working on each song
Printable children’s short stories complete with soundtrack



General goals:

  • Faster digital painting
  • Improved perspective
  • Improved figure gestures
  • Improved pen drawing technique
  • Human muscle and bone structure by memory

Targeted styles:

  • Concept art (digital)
  • Cartoon modern
  • Classic pen and ink

Milestone goals:

  • Continued freelance work
  • Illustrations for music projects (above)
  • Sell both pen and watercolor illustrations (still life & landscape)


General goals:

  • Continue building skillsets:
    • CSS & HTML
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • Content strategy
    • Color theory
    • Typography

Targeted CMS:

  • WordPress

Milestone goals:

  • Continued freelance work


General goals:

  • Continue building skillsets:
    • Cinematography
    • Lighting
    • Color grading
    • Da Vinci Resolve
    • Moho (Anime Studio)

    Targeted styles:

    • Live action music videos
    • Animated music videos

    Milestone goals:

    • Videos for music projects (above)


Over the last fifteen years I’ve been fortunate enough to receive funding from local enterprise boards both while studying and when setting up the business. I always intended, when the business became more established, that I would have the time and money to put something back into the community. Below are three such non-profit concepts. All going well I’ll hopefully get the chance to bring one of them to fruition…


A series of free tutorial videos on the basics of audio production – website link.


A community exchange program to help artists and musicians promote their work nationwide.


A children’s boardgame that promotes emotional intelligence.


To work consistently*, progressively** and mindfully†.
To run an efficient project studio capable of competing within the music and design industries.
To have complete creative control all stages of production, namely:

  • Composition > production/orchestration > performance > recording > mixing > mastering
  • Video pre-production > video production > video post-production
  • Illustration > design > management > marketing

* develop the sustainable concentration and self-discipline required to work on your own over long periods of time.
** to continually study and build skill sets.
† CBT and mindfullness – to be more process than goal orientated and to be more focused on community and charity related projects in the long run.