Wax Botanical is the name under which I (Tim Harper) make different types of music, graphic design, paintings, websites and music videos, both independently (of my own work) and freelance. If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a message or read on for more info.

200+ clients, 150+ design projects, over 80 websites built, working with individuals, small businesses, government institutes & charities


total annual income is donated to charity & community based services

Making music independently since 2003 and pushing pixels as a freelance designer since 2008

LATEST /// BLOG: Seasonings 6 April 2024 | PROJECTS OVERVIEW: Autumn 2023 | PORTFOLIO: TT website

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On this website you’ll find plenty of info and examples of past and present work; posters, illustrations, logos, websites, music videos, album demo’s and singles aswell as links to work-in-progress and process related material on my blog and social channels. If you are interested in commissioning me for some work please have a look through the portfolio links on the main menu and/or leave me a message and we can arrange a chat or meeting. You can find a general overview of my own current projects here including what I’m currently working on this year aswell as specific milestone goals.