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Far too much prevarication this week. Spent a lot of time whittling down my web development environment. Fancy yolk they call an IDE. As I don’t spent as much time as I’d like coding websites I thought Dreamweaver was the way too go but having tested a few other far cheaper text editors I thought Aptana studio 3 is the best choice. For one thing its free and for another I’ve spent a good bit of time sharpening up my CSS and HTML skills the last twelve months so I don’t think a WYSIWYG editor is really needed anymore.

On a less boring note, I got to do some location scouting for the Enter the Dragon music video on Wednesday. Its gonna be in an Oak and Ash plantation on the far side of Callan, Co. Kilkenny. It was great to finally see the place, I got a whole heap of ideas and shots in mind for the chosen spot. I’m gonna flesh out a storyline and start on the storyboard this week. As does oft happen Ive started mulling over videos ideas for the second ICM tune as it solidifies. The video will have something to do with a character from the Iron John story aswell as something I heard recently about shadow archetypes. The tune itself has been made even more basic, with less chord changes and instruments. The name has changed again, it seems to do that once a week, so I’d better wait till its up on Soundcloud before I say anything about it. On the outside front I’m starting on a new poster commission this week for a gig in an amphitheater and also doin a logo for a free-range farm. Hopefully at the end of the week I’ll get back to something web dev’ish.