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Further changes made to the revision of These Ways so much so that I’ve changed the title to Honey Bee Sting, in part to the lyrics and to the buzzing pitch bends melody on the chorus. I slowed down the phrasing of the singing to about 50% as it was far too fast. There’s more melody in the chorus now and a simpler chord progression. Lookin forward to testing it out at the next gig. Three commissions on the go at the moment too, tis unfortunate when they overlap as gets a tad stressful but am glad o’ the work. One of the jobs involves a format I’ve never tried before; an accordion style brochure for a series of photography shows in Cork organized by Stag & Deer. How its folded and which content goes where is turning out to be less simple than I thought but an interesting challenge none the less :)

The third electro tune (Cinder Biter) is more and more looking like its going to be an instrumental. I had started it based on a few lyrics I had written but as is the way it tends to evolve of its own accord as it progresses. I also changed one of the drum lines, its faster now and abit darker, should be more fun for James to play along with on a kit when we’re playing live. Speaking of which I’m hoping to plan an album teaser gig for the end of October/November. I’m havin a meeting with James today to go over the material most likely three of the old songs and the three new ones. It wont be the longest set but should get the wheels going so far as future gigging goes.

I wrote out the production plan for the Enter the Dragon music video shoot, now planned for 22nd/23rd of September. Just waiting to hear back if that weekend suits all involved. I have the first two scenes pretty well planned, five more to finalize and then the props, costumes, lighting and special effects (or not so special but cheap and will-do-the-trick)…

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