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Listened to a mighty interesting, if somewhat slow, interview with Polish film composer Abel Korzeniowski during the week. He discussed among other things the physical performance/showmanship comparable between popular and classical music. And also, nowadays, the unfortunate habit of over dramatizing music not only with regards lyrics but within the music itself. Something I couldn’t agree more with myself (having written a good dose of what I would see in hindsight as overly emotional self-indulgent music :P ). I think its abit like when a theme or point is made too obvious in a film, the subtleties are lost. During some classical music eras restraint was encouraged. This not only makes the colour/tone of the piece less obvious but gives more dramatic contrast to the various sections. Hopefully I can make more conscious use of this both with the acoustic and MIDI based stuff that I write.

On the graphical front I’ve been working on the brochure and poster for an upcoming Occupy Space event. Having done a few print based designs for Occupy before I knew they wanted something fairly minimal. The event is called Common Ground, and has to do with contemporary art in a rural setting. I used a topographical vector image as a background pattern and then created negative space text by adding a large letter (matching the background color) to parts of the map. It worked quite well and there was alot of alternatives made possible by varying the font. As soon as I have some decent photography light sorted for the studio (late November/December) I’ll start to include more work in progress images to the blog.