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Having been working out of the office for a good few days the last two weeks I came back to mixing down the latest electro tune with somewhat fresher ears and found the chorus sections to be still sounding too full and muddy. I muted a couple of track sections to give the first chorus some more space and got more heavy handed with the automated filter on the lead synth line. The first chorus definitely has more impact now but as a result the flow of the tune is’nt as smooth as before. This is probably one of those things I’ll need to review again after I’ve finished the demo and left the track alone for a few months. From my experience, when producing your own material at least, a longer break of eight to ten weeks is the only way to be subjective about what does and doesn’t work with a track.

On the visual front I added in some more robotic elements to the rough poster design for the said track. It still needs some more loose cables and details added but once that’s done I can start on the proper outline. I’m not sure yet if I’ll finish it in colour or leave it as two or three tones, hopefully the end result twill dictate as required. Commission wise thankfully I have a busy two weeks ahead with a logo, brochure, poster and site to wrap up before the end of the month : )