As per usual the previously planned music video deadline (Black Crow) went out the window as commission work took priority. It’s probably just as well thou as it involved an offsite night location shoot with three other characters and two dance sequences – something that will need a good deal of planning and practice.

That said I decided to shoot a different, and easier, music video next (Honey Bee Sting) which again is set in the house in Thomastown thou this time in the kitchen, back garden and corn field adjacent to the house. It has two very short dance sequences involving one other person (a friend wearing mask) which should be abit of practice for the more ambitious Black Crow video shoot. It also involves three video effect composites; a pyroclastic explosion, a volcanic ash fall and a distance shot of magma erupting at night. I have one more prop left to build before I can start shooting and I also need to record the demo track but all going well, and depending on commision work, it should be wrapped up by the middle of July.
“I’m far happier with the re-mix thou as its more darker and minimal and lends itself better to the video theme.”
As soon as the Honey Bee Sting video is done I’m going to start work on the video for Fat Controller. This will be the first video for one of my electro tracks and follows a character who has a fetish for women with animal heads/masks. I’m planning on using some of the excellent masks at Wintercroft as props/costumes. I’ve already gotten on to the creators and they are thankfully happy to oblige. The climax of the video will likely involve a slo-mo dance scene in a barn with strobe lights. I’m currently re-mixing the track itself as the original (from 2012/2013) no longer cuts the mustard. I’m far happier with the re-mix thou as its more darker and minimal and lends itself better to the video theme.

Elsewheres on the music front I’ve been composing, with pen and paper, the next composition (track 8 of 40) based on one of the brothers Grimm stories. Its a slow process and I keep wanting to jump to the sequencer to start orchestrating/experimenting with articulations but I definitely think its going to be worth it in the long run as both the harmony and melodic structure will be alot tighter. I’m also enjoying the non-computer process especially after having gone thru this book. There is something very satisfying about hand engraving your own music basic thou it may be.