Monster V1 [demo]

INFO: demo, 2016, mp3 single, unreleased

This turned out to be a bigger project than I had planned for at the time especially with the few special effect and slow motion shots. I also had to do more work with the color grading afterwards to match the various scenes. Add to that the music demo recording took longer to mix down than the previous single as the falsetto chorus sections needed extra takes to get right (or as near to). In hindsight the quirky/grating intro singing was completely unnecessary, it should have just been silent or used ambient sounds. The ‘skratching’ vocal beatbox also detracted from the track and wasnt needed. The lighting was pretty underexposed and might’ve worked better in Black and White.

Wax Botanical - Monster-Notation-PG1
Wax Botanical - Monster-Notation-PG2