Born and raised in the wilds of Callan, Co. Kilkenny in 1982 I always knew I was going to do something art related so I dropped out of school when I was fifteen and worked in various jobs for several years until I had saved up enough money to buy myself a set of Vestax direct-drive turntables and a mixer. I also grew a lasting love for the punk DIY mentality my older brother introduced me to when I was a teenager (self released home-made demos, artwork and zines).

Becoming fascinated with sampling and scratching after seeing Peter Parker cut up a break live at the first Witness festival I started experimenting with a sampler and a Kaoss pad before enrolling in a music course in CSN, Cork when I was 19. After which I moved home and made my first demo using a basic multi-track (Fostex cassette and then a Tascam 788), DIY trash drum kit and a hand made ceramic Udu. Over the following ten years I continued to build both my studio and production skills releasing six more demo’s and completing two diplomas in music-for-media and cinematic orchestration. I also did a heap of un-credited online courses in music theory, design and web development. After building a few iterations of my own website from the ground up I started to take on a few freelance jobs for local businesses and institutes.

From around 2012 onwards I began to put more focus on singles rather than demos/albums (spending much more time on each track) and defined the three styles of music I loved making in such a way that they could best compliment each other (the rough improvisation of songwriting with guitar/voice to the structured rules-led composition by notation to the intuitive rhythmic feel of electronic loops and sounds) . In 2016 I began a self-study programme of illustration and painting which I continue to practice most days. I also started to make my own (music related) short films while building a rough understanding of basic cinematography and lighting techniques. To date I’ve written/shot/edited seven music videos.