I finally got round to revamping this website. It still uses the same WordPress theme but I’ve made it brighter, added a few new pages and input alot more (hopefully) informative text which should make what I do (and how I do it) more clearer. I also updated the various portfolio sections which were out of date by a good few years. The layout and formating of (this) blog and individual posts also got a much needed upgrade. They should be more spacious, visual and easier to read from now on.

As I haven’t written a blog since February 2019 there had been a couple of big’sih personal projects I didnt get a chance to write a post about, namely the large scale paintings and music videos. I’ll hopefully get a chance to do this in the near future. Ideally I’d like one separate in-depth post for each (a kind of ‘making of’ blurb) that links from its respective Youtube or portfolio page.
“Its a great way to road test the new variation of a song arrangement”
On the music front over this last year I’ve been learning some extra cover songs to go with the planned new live set. The goal is to have fifteen cover songs available to pick and mix from, depending on the setting of the gig, to accompany the ten V3 version original songs. I played around thirty gigs ten years ago (using the v0.1 versions) and made quite a few notes after each one. Ideally I hope to do the same now, any sort of gig really; open mic, party, coffee shop etc. Its a great way to road test the new variation of a song arrangement. That said I’m also trying to make the live set technically (sound) better and more interesting to an audience. As such I’ve been doing alot of the research the last two weeks into various types of foot percussion, vocal effect pedals and mini line array PA systems. Although there are lots of stomp/kick like pedals available to buy there are not that many snare options. There are a few sample based snare pedals but I’d prefer something real and more responsive. I settled on the Logjam Rattlebox which I liked both the sound and weighted look of. One of the other interesting options I came across is the Stank Foot a junk type effect pedal. It reminds me of the sample based Twisted Kit by EZ Drummer which has a Tom Waits instrumentation vibe to it.

I haven’t done much composing the last month but, in general, I’ve been tipping away at it most of the time (about half an hour a day). I have about seven or eight short score compositions lined up ready to be orchestrated. I composing workflow I now use, thou more time consuming has, I think, better self analysis both in harmony and counterpoint checking .I’m hoping now that I have finished the website revamp I can get back to some weekly arrangement of these tunes aswell as maybe starting on the next electronic track thou I also need to finish auditing my plugins and sample libraries (some need upgrades and others are obsolete). I also need to re-arrange the studio so I can have a permanent dedicated space for the above new live set-up as there will be quite a few pedals and a montior, mics and stands etc. It’ll take a while to get used to the new setup but I’m excited at the couple of experiments Ive done with the loop pedal. I think it should make for a more compelling performance for an audience – if I can get the pattern timing right!