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Spent most of yesterday finishing the lyrics to Monster.The goal is to write and perform a new song each week and by the end of June to pick out the strongest and re-arrange and record to a ten track album. Three down, seven to go.  Hopefully I can wrangle dermot to play drums live on one of the nights.  T’was alittle tricky remembering all the lyrics to last weeks tune at the open mic. I’ll post a demo up on the myspace page soon as I get a decent recording where my falsetto doesnt slip so much on the chorus ;p

(soundcloud was’nt in the original post but I’am planning on/read as enjoying the thought of mp3, podcast blogs in the near future)

[soundcloud url="http://soundcloud.com/waxbotanical/the-clockmaker-and-the-tiger-orch-mock-up"]