Tim Harper

Tim Harper

Continuing on from the last (October 2023) post I picked up a few foot percussion and effects pedals to try and improve the sound of the potential live set with, namely the Zoom G1 and V6 SP to vary the guitar tone between songs and…

I finally got round to revamping this website. It still uses the same WordPress theme but I’ve made it brighter, added a few new pages and input alot more (hopefully) informative text which should make what I do (and how I do it) more clearer….


INFO: 2013 (video 2023), mp3 single, unreleased Cinder Biter is probably the closest I’ve come to being satisfied with one of my own songs. The final chorus is abit too long and fatiguing/harsh in high frequencies but I felt the song stands well enough on…

INFO: Mary Butler, Autumn 2022, printed booklet, Kilkenny Arts Office

INFO: Declan Whelan, Winter 2023, service website, thomastowntarmac.ie

INFO: Rosie Lynch, Autumn 2022, posters and various online ads, Callan Workhouse Union

INFO: 2022, digital painting Another painting that took longer to do than I expected. The abstract cave walls needed alot of trial and error both in shape and tone. Critique: the gradient cat reflection does’nt really fit with the flat style of the rest of…

INFO: Bridget Flannery, Autumn 2022, blog and portfolio website, bridgetflannery.ie

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