Tim Harper

Tim Harper

INFO: Mary Butler, Autumn 2022, printed booklet, Kilkenny Arts Office

INFO: Declan Whelan, Winter 2023, service website, thomastowntarmac.ie

INFO: Rosie Lynch, Autumn 2022, posters and various online ads, Callan Workhouse Union

INFO: Bridget Flannery, Autumn 2022, blog and portfolio website, bridgetflannery.ie

INFO: John Higgins, Autumn 2022, portfolio website, As the Crow Flies

INFO: Bernadette Kiely, Autumn 2022, posters & fold-out, Bernadette Kiely

INFO: Andrea Keogh and Mary Butler, Spring 2022, posters, adverts, signs and various print media, Kilkenny Arts Office

INFO: Sheila Jordan, Winter 2022, service site, Open Circle Arts

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