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Starting to make headway into the few subjects I had lined up in the schedule for the new year. This book in particular is beginning to make me see the light with regards the potential of building more functional websites with WordPress. Once I get my head around the basic loops querys I can build more dynamic features without the need for third party plugins. The Book Apart series I started on too is making me feel less afraid about using some HTML5 and CSS3 features in the sites I build. The books themselves are the perfect size, and not too detailed. Weighing in at about 100 pages apiece they only take a few hours to get thru. I wish I’d had the same for the 800 page plus Cubase and Ableton manuals :P

Speaking of manuals I also begun making notes and testing features on Anime pro 8. The animation timeline , character wizard and bone-rigging system really speed up the whole process. The plan is too make a three minute cut-out style animated music video for one of the acoustic songs over the summer. As soon as I get thru the manual I’m gonna make a production logo yolk for the Wax Botanical brand symbol. It’ll only be 30 seconds or so but it’ll help me get used to the program. After that I’ll start on the storyboard and plan out the character movements with the aid of this yolk and some sneaky motion tracking.

Still have’nt had chance to get back to any actual music making. Any studio production time during the week was spent drawing out the three year project plan for the electronic set, and occasionally getting distracted by the new releases at the Winter NAMM show…