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Had fup all time the last two weeks for musical stuff unfortunately. Fortunately thou was busy getting a chunk of commission stuff wrapped up. Nearly finished this site – I’m happy with the way it worked out. The clients had a few changes of heart re: the design but the resulting minimal colors and layout really suit the content I thinks. There’s a few new WordPress plugins I had’nt tried before too. The quotes plugin in particular was simple to install and edit and the booking form, although abit clinical looking is very easy to manage. Starting in on two more sites next week and a logo for a paving stone and cast iron bid’ness.

Apart from the disgraceful lack of music over the last few days I did finally get back to working on the story board for the Enter the Dragon music video. Its been a few months since I was last at it and I was glad to see the bit of life drawing practice I bein doin some mornings has paid off as the sketchy drawings are starting to look alittle less sketchy. I also started fleshing out the marketing plan for the next three years, mostly this involved a good few hours spent researching online publishing companies and comparing various all-in-one promotion sites for musicians (Bandpage, Topspin, Bandcamp etc). There is alot out there and its easy to become overwhelmed but I now have the list fine tuned down to what I consider to be the best options, I’ll review it again in another twelve months but for now this gives me a set of tools with which to plan a few campaign yolks with. And best of all it’ll only cost me €11 a month for the said services :)

I also began to seriously think about an online store. Its gonna be a separate site to waxbotanical.com but twill have a similar look. It’ll be built around the Topspin and Bandpage player and store functions. More to come soon. As is usually with myself I changed my mind yet again regarding the pop-up live room, tis on the cards again. I came up with a few more ways of making space in the room and how I can record both myself and session players in both it and the studio. I also reduced the budget for it and divided it into three stages; acoustics(room prep), single session(1 player) and double session (ability to record between 2-4 musicians at the one time).