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While looking for an extra mic pre-amp for my new audio interface yolk I began to second guess the number of inputs I actually require in the studio. Fully mic’ing the drum kit has always set the minimum number required but considering the studio is located in a box room (the worst to record in) and its a pretty small room at that I think I can probably do away with the need for a pair of overheads as any ambiance inherent in the room is liable to sound awful. So the options are to close mic and/or use drum replacement software to replace the individual hits or record the kit off site. I gotta research/experiment abit more, I haven’t done much recording with the kit over the last few years but I plan on doing so for a few of the electro tunes.

Had a tricky commission during the week which required making a photograph look like a watercolour. This is something I usually avoid as it almost always looks tacky. There is a filter in Photoshop for this but it takes alot more tweaking with various blend layers and brushes to make it look authentic. I’d never tried something like this before and it probably took around as much time as it would’ve to just make a real watercolour in the first place but twill know for future reference :P

Following on the bit of research I did into alternate DDP exports I discovered that the latest version of Reaper has DDP functionality, probably one of the few DAW’s that does, making it a viable (and much cheaper) alternative to DDP creator – fuppin handy out!