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I’ve been mumbling (procrastinating) here occasionally about the upcoming Wax Botanical online store (the coming soon link on the bottom left of waxbotanical.com has been coming soon for six months or so). Reason being as I’m just not satisfied with the template I built the site on. This was a very minimal but clean and colourful Tumblr style theme that I thought would work perfectly as a shop front. After arranaging and then re-arranging the content of the site countless times I’ve now realized twas a case of form over function – too minimal for my own good. So the last week I scrapped that idea altogether and started re-building the site using Woo themes Canvas which integrates perfectly with Woo Commerce. The functionality of the store now works a whole lot better (categories, breadcrumbs, tags, feeds etc) and ties in nicely with the styling of waxbotanical.com thanks to a few hours spend customizing the Canvas stylesheet and adding the signature Bebas Neue font to the site Typography.

I’ve also added in a slider to the home page to make things alittle more visual and a few call-to-action widgets (sign-up forms/sharing) to hopefully bump up the marketing activity some. While doing so it got me thinking about what I should do to revamp waxbotanical.com. Besides bringing the portfolio pages up to date (about 18 months or so) I need to change around the home page; more work-in-progress content maybe and info on the newsletter aswell as latest product feeds. Now that I have the shop site pretty much sorted I’ll just need to add in the various products (only six or so for the moment). But to do so I’ll first need the photography lighting kit I’m planning on buying at the end of November. All things going well the shop should be good to go for the new year :)