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Picked me up a bargain copy of Cubase 7 via the KVRaudio market place forums last weekend. 50% off the regular price incl. a few expansion packs which works out far cheaper than upgrading from verison 5. Yesterday at the Music Production Show in London Steinberg also released version 7.5 which going by the feature list is well worth the fifty quid upgrade. Particularly happy to see they’ve starting improving the score editor and made the playlist tracks more visible. I’ve heard abit of grumbling on DAW forums regarding the lack of bug-fixes being addressed thou so I’ll keep a copy of version 5 installed in case there’s any issues with older projects.

Speaking of projects I have one or two more sessions left working on the instrumentation of the latest ICM (electro) tune before I can start laying out/arranging the various sections. Tis finally starting to come together, only needs one or two more instrument variations. It definitely has more of a laid-back vibe than when I started out on the piece. I ended up adding in more bells/gongs (seems to be my go-to sound set). Might pick up a copy of this next week while its on sale to add to my tuned percussion fixation :P

Elsewheres I decided to go ahead and add in the vocal line to the notation for Black Crow, its better practice long term and will be needed for any later remixing/re-orchestration. It will mean a few extra hours spent editing a recoding vox line in Melodyne in order to figure out the notes but the thing should be more complete and professional looking for it.