Thou the Circles music video took a good few weeks longer to do than I had planned it’s laid the groundwork for the next four demo videos I’m hoping to complete in 2016.

Having not worked in video production before there was a definite steep learning curve as I got my head around the lighting and shutter speed/aperture settings required for filming aswell as adapting my workflow to the editing process (when compared with audio). I ran into some particular problems with noise and flickering but this may have been largely due to the limits of the camera I used. Thankfully I was able to get alot of advice from my brother who has studied and worked in TV production. Overall I’m happy with the finished cuts and the three animated sequences thou there are a few overly darks shots in the final render.
“I’m hoping the shoot should go quicker this time round”
The next video is going to be another night shot in an outside location – a camp fire under a tree with four figures, one of which is dressed in something like a Bulgarian Halloween/Kukeri costume. Two of the other figures will have masks on and will perform a short dance sequence culminating in a faked ritual stabbing of the costumed figure. The song has a single frantic final chorus which should suit this scene well. Shot wise I have some panning wide shots in mind aswell as a vertical establishing shot of the tree from above I can hopefully borrow a quad copter for. I’m also getting plenty of food for thought from this excellent book. I’m hoping the shoot should go quicker this time round, over one or two nights, and as there are’nt any animated shots its really just the props/costumes and fake blood that will take the longest to prepare. I have a rough deadline of the 4th week in April in mind – it should be mild enough then for dancing around a fire late at night too…