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First gig went down well at the lights out fest in Reilly’s (moucho gracious to miss Strain for inviting us).  It was a nice change to play without amps/mics and havin people sitting all around you rather than just out front.  Had to move a few candles so I could see the fretboard but the low light really added to the atmosphere. I’am looking forward to getting back to the schedule as I spent alot of last week practicing out in Dermot’s gaff in Inistioge.

Gonna start getting more gigs sorted for the summer,  some possibly without the drummer as he’s off playing with the dukes box for most of July/August. The next big’un is planned for the end of May thou, with five new blues tracks and five electro tracks from Shark in a box to be performed along with the bass player. I know I said I’d upload demo versions of the new tracks from the last month and I still havent, my apologies-twill get the hustle on so