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Mr Agnew and myself will be playing our second outing in the Cobblestone bar in Dublin next Thursday night. Haven’t been there in yonks, used to only live round the corner in Smithfield but am looking forward to trying out the material on a new crowd.  Had a good few more jangs over the weekend, ran over a cover tune and a new one I wrote last week called ‘red balloon’.  Speaking of names we still haven’t agreed on one for the band,  got a few ideas floating around but I’d like to get something soon as its hard plugging ourselves at a gig with no name!

Should be playing in Kilkenny sometime early May and then another around the time of the Happy Valley Festival early June with Brian joining us on the bass and me bringing out the magic electro box (Ableton live via an APC40). Should have some new pics up next week as Colm had the bright idea of taking some shots of the band in a junk yard with a probably naked Stafford Kelly in the background :D