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Spent much of last week workin on the website commission but still fit in a few jams.  Dermot came up with the idea of finding someone to play keyboard with us as they could double up on bass lines when Brian aint about.  Thankfully we didn’t have far to look as Clare native but current Thomastownonian and all round talented bastard Rory Grubb agreed to come along to a jam and see how the jive flows.  To that end I spent a good bit of sunday lookin for either a B4/Hammond organ  sound module or suitable sample library.  I listened to a bunch of demo’s and tried out a few other instruments alongside one of our tunes and came to the conclusion that the vintage collection in Kontakt 3 is what we’re after.  Its a mixture of old electronic toys and synths from the 80’s.  Definitely more suitable to the quirkified material.

I bought a 61 MIDI keyboard too which I’am going to take apart and re-assemble in a custom wooden/tin case to better look the part and save me having to buy a new case to go with it.  Hopefully we’ll get a practice session midweek sometime with the three of us.  I’ll have my work cut out for me thou as I’ll need to go thru each of the eight tunes and write up suitable key lines as a place for Rory to start comping from.