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First jang with the three of us together went down really well on Saturday,  the bass completely beefs up the tunes.  There’s alot of potential but we need plenty more regular sessions together to start splashing around with the material.  That aint possible thou, until Brian finishes college the end of this month so we may have to push the next gig back till early June.   Same goes for the photos,  gotta wait till Colm wraps up his college stuff.  We came up with a few more ideas for wacky photo shoots and should also be able to get some help from me brother too.

Tried out the song (wk/number 7) I wrote last week  at open mic; ‘think again’ which had changed name too ‘Jungle fever blues’ by Thursday nite. It has a few monkey sounds after the chorus which were fun to try out (gonna get some backing help with those from Dermot in future too :) ).  Also started on a new story score track mock-up, tis coming along nicely.  Elsewhere’s got a website commission to do for a local venue.  I’ll post a link soon as myself and Sid (doin the design/logo’s) have it wrapped up.  Its gonna be taking up most of my project time the rest of this week.  Have the next song (8) started, called ‘old crow’ (for the moment),  but timewise I’ll have to wait till thursday week to give it a whirl live.