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Twas doin me months review over the weekend, goin thru all the lists and notes I made and whittling them down into the new schedule. Its’ always surprising going back over the work diary and seeing what’s taking alot of my time or needlessly bein stressing me out. Mostly thou, due to the webdesign work, I haven’t had enough time to do much sognwriting or practicing the last few weeks and I certainly notice the lacking. That said Ive got a good deal of planning done and I’am lookin forward to pushing forward on the marketing front. There’ll be a new store webpage on the site (with a chessey banner to match) along with a decent digital press pack available from the home page.

There’s alot of new features available that my site host provider now has for email marketing that I’ll be testing out over the next month. I was really impressed with the features that ReverbNation and Bandcamp provide and I might use one or both as a dedicated band page (smitten with the minimalistic look of bandcamp). I’am going to reorganise the blog so that posts are listed under icons so you can more easily see to which project/area the posts refers. The ‘grand old plan’ on the music page will be updated to suit the changes I’ve made over the last six months and the live page will get a revamp with info on the new band line-up/links to the lads websites and a gig calender. Not the most riviting news this week, more tune related stuff hopefully on the next run.