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Its abit pre-emptive but I’ve started re-writing the seven tunes I’d written so far this year. The plan was to wait until I had the full ten tracks written and then start over improving each one but since practicing amplified with the two lads I’ve gotten a better idea of what works that can be built upon and what needs changing. So far I’ve changed the tempo, guitar picking and falsetto bridge line on The old Tin Drum. I also used a different strumming pattern on Ashes which was the tune myself and Dermot had the hardest time getting right. There’s still alot more work too do on each, not to mention finishing off the last three tracks :P but I definitely feel the songs are stronger for the changes made and I’am more confident singing them.

Elsewhere’s I finally got a new digital camera (early bday gift – thx mah) after my old 2MP Nikon Coolpix gave up the ghost. I got an old Canon SLR which will more than do the trick for the web design work and label/band related photo’s. I started testing out the manual controls which is leaning me towards the idea of doing some sort of photography 101 or more prob I’ll get a dummies tutorial book. I’m gonna be moving the site to a new host soon so there may be some weird stuff going on but all should return to normal next week.