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A short one last week after bein at a mates weddin.  Have the work  planned out for the live rig dance set over the next month and a half.  Its gonna take a while to export all the old song track mixes from Cubase and import them into Ableton. I’m gonna finally splash out and get the full version of Ableton 8 as the APC lite version has a limit of 8 audio tracks. I plan on having alternate versions of the live tracks so that each can be played with and without drums and keyboard.  I’d like the solo show to still be visually interesting so I’m gonna try put in some of my own live instrument loops as well as effect sequencing.

I’ve added a new page to the wordpress blog detailing all current projects under way and info on each stage and where abouts I am at.  The link is on the left of the homepage.  Hopefully this will give people a better idea both of the work progression and of when the finished goods will be released.  Started writing track nine, its bein a few weeks since I’ve done any songwriting on guitar. Tis good to be back in the saddle.