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Got some good pics at the Gig in Offally. Dermot brought up a collection of suits and hats for us to wear, we looked pretty countryafied. I’ll be using some of the shots for the next home page banner. It was great to get a gig under the belt with the three of us playing together. Best part of it was the jams with a few other of the heads there that went on until around three when the rain started and the makeshift tent collapsed. Dermot is heading back to the UK for more festivals during July so the next gig’s probably gonna be early August.

Finished off the second unit of the orchestration course. Attached an mp3 mock-up of it below. Supposed to be a piece for a quartet but I added an extra cello to give it some more body. It’s interesting how you can make a few instruments sound like alot more just by how you arrange the piece. The unit lectures talked about the fact that often with small orchestra budgets this kind of arrangement/trickery is needed. I’m also learning a few interesting techniques on how to get more expression from samples. More and more it seems to be down to changing dynamics and what you remove or leave out that gives a line more emotion.

I didn’t get a change to finish off the custom keyboard and also as Rory had decided not to use it for the gig on Saturday. I attached a picture above. I’m also posting a shot of it on Facebook to see what names people suggest for it. Feel free to post any ideas in the comments box below.

Unit two project – loss mock-up by waxbotanical