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Had a mighty technical week. Lots of boring but necessary studio stuff.  Started building a new orchestral template in Cubase while keeping an eye on system resources. Trying to get as much as I can fit in without RAM going over 80%-90%.  Next year I’ll make the change up to Windows 7 and bulk out the memory (I’m still hesitant to jump boat until there’s more solid support among plugin companies). Setting up the different sections I was reminded what a fine collection the Project Sam True Strike library is.  The stage mic samples sound massive, definitely going to make more use out of that in future compositions. Was also configuring MIDI controllers for recording instrument lines into to Cubase.  It’ll take a while to get used to the new set-up using VST expression map key switches and a breath controller but I reckon it’ll produce far more natural sounding sections.

I went back to writing the third revision of End These Ways.  The phrasing is sounding stronger and I’m starting to nail down the dynamics.  I aim to write the song out in TAB this week once I get the new intro and middle 8 finished.   This should help me fine tune the performance and stick to the same articulations with the lyrics.