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Playing a gig next weekend at Ballybur castle in Cuffsgrange, Co. Kilkenny. Unfortunately Rory’s playing his own set the same sat night in Tommytown and Dermots only just back from playing with the Dukesbox so its gonna be a solo’fied occasion. Should be a well interesting venue for playing some musak thou, I’ll try see if I can get a few shots of the set-up. I think the main focus of the occasion is that a few musicians stay there for three days before hand and come up with a collaborative set of tunes. Lookin forward to hearing the results. I’ll only be there on the Saturday so it’ll be a similar set to the good hatchery gig except I have the 3rd (and hopefully final revision) of ‘end these ways’ finished. Am keen to give it a whirl live and see how it goes down. I may yet add an instrumental but I reckon the structure and chords are set.

I decided to try for the two sets for the upcoming outdoors gig on the 20th. I’ve got to get the hustle on thou if I’m gonna have the electro set finished in time. Four tunes transferred over to Ableton so far, four more to go and then I gotta nail down a routine the two weeks before hand. I started on a new track as well as a theme tune for the burning of the ship. Hopefully I’ll have the time to get something with abit of special’ness sorted.