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T’was a non-stop week, worked thru till Sunday as I’m off for a short ‘oliday on Wednesday and I’d like too get a decent amount of stuff finished before then.  First break of the summer, I’m really lookin forward to some time away from the studio.  Speaking of which it now has a much improved layout.  It took all day Sat to build the new racks/shelves and too move the live rig in.  Sunday was spent re-wiring and tidying up the huge mess I made :P

I got the third college unit finished, it took me longer than planned but I think its stronger, harmonically, than if I hadn’t put in the extra time.  I’m still not happy with the quality of the lines though, not there yet but I’m moving in the right direction.  Its also taking me longer as I need to have a full printable score submitted with  each composition and me being a MIDI head there’s abit of a  learning curve as I acclimatise to editing and arranging scores in Cubase.  The revision of Ashes took a back seat as I started on the design of a website commission I’m doing for a local craft course.  So far so good, I looked thru loads of similar course sites for ideas but was surprised too see that most had very flat or glossy web 2.0 layouts with lots of info packed on the home page.  I did find a good few thou with really nice layouts:  simple block colours,  large pictures/fonts and nifty dynamic content without the use of any flash.  I’m goin with a dusty/grungy look for the first sketch design.