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A few changes are been made as I aim to move the live rig into the studio.  I found it distracting having to go into another room to work or practice on the set so I’ll have everything in the one studio now.  It took some figuring out as the room is already fairly packed but with a few shelving brackets added too the corners I’ll be able to make enough for the rig and hopefully also better organise the mics, cables, books and stands.  I’ll upload a pic when its done for all to appreciate the disgusting amount of efficiency the studio will soon have! As well as moving the rig around I’m also looking into a more reliable ‘live’ sound card.  I’m still getting the audio cut-outs despite being back and forth with Ableton support so I hope a better ASIO driver and card will do the trick.  Once its set up in the new room I’ll also buy a new set of monitors as the pair of hi-fi speakers I use for practicing on the rig at the moment haven’t got nearly enough a bass range for dance tunes.

Started on the 1st revision of Ashes last week.  Got the verses pretty much done.  It was quite a sombre tune originally so I’ve added a few more Major chords to give it a jazzier feel.  I also had to play with the rhythm abit to come up with something that could have a swing time but also match up with the lyrics.  The chorus is proving tricky as the verse changes are pushing it into some new chords of its own.  Hopefully I’ll have the revision done in time for the next open mic.