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Took about a day and a half to finish off the last of the DIY building and re-sorting/organising of studio stuff. Tis excellent having everything at hand on shelves and hangers with very little in the way on the floor level. Plus the added benefit of having a lot of stuff on the whole wall is that it acts as a great diffuser for sound waves. I ended up having to take down some of the acoustic foam to make room so It’s gonna take some figuring out where to fit in the spares. Maybe I’ll keep ’em for the offsite Engine room 2 when that comes around :)

I been testing out the new speakers and was sure the high tweeter in one of the monitors was damaged as the sound was dull coming from the right but after switching round the L/R cables and trying out the regular monitors I figured its the reflections possibly from the window in the room that cause this unevenness. Never noticed it before, it was only from soloing the L/R sides. Worrying as I’ve been mixing the whole time having gotten used to this unevenness. Good thing I check most mixes/masters on the headphones but its on the list to further check out.

The new electro tune is comin along good, going thru plenty of changes as I add/test out more instruments. Its such a different way of writing a tune than composing melodically as its all about the rhythm and the feel than the tune or harmony. More sound design than traditional writing I suppose but it still has to have a human feel which I’ll start working on when I begin to sequence the loops. Its a great contrast to the bare-bones of rolling out a tune on guitar and voice. The first revision of Ashes is pretty much done. Its playable and I like the feel of the newer version, its more jazzy and has more interesting chords than the original sketch. There’s still a few places (gaps/pauses) to smoothen out but the overall song form is sorted.