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Got pretty bogged down with the new electro track. Been at it now for over a month and a half and I hadn’t been able to get to a sound that I was happy with until last night that is when I went back to the original drum break and wrote a simple bass and synth line that finally clicked into place with the other loops. By this stage I’d gotten to version ten and had been more than ready to give up. As this is the first new electro tune I’ve written in a few years and the first to be part of the new live set I really wanted it to have an easy to follow but catchy hook. As usual I ended up with too much stuff going on. Some of the combinations had potential however the key and melody just wouldn’t work with it no matter how much I simplified the lines and rhythm. So I used the same chord patterns from track one ‘These ways’ from the acoustic tunes I’m writing and it finally clicked into place (Its always the fresh listening test the following day after that shows if it works or not). I’ll follow along with this idea as a basis for the next nine electro tunes: too use the melody and bass lines from the acoustic tunes as the foundation for each of the electro songs. That way its like alternate arrangements of the same songs as opposed to dance re-mixes.

College unit three project is a wrap. My first fully notated score :P On too woodwinds now and I’m looking forward too writing a piece at the end of the month that doesn’t involve a string section. Not much work on the next acoustic revision over the last week. I’ll be starting work on a sketch of track ten this week. The primary focus this coming month will be on the web site I’m building for a local craft school so depending on how much time the coding takes there may or may not be much time for song writing. Dermot’s finished up playing his summer festivals and is around the town so we’ll hopefully fit in a practice session later in the week to begin building the set for the next gig.