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Was a bit of short notice but Dermot and myself played a half hour support slot on sat night for the T-town bottle stoppers in Billy Byrnes in Kilkenny. Only had the three days to get a set prepared before hand. Was great to be jamming with Dermot after the few months he was off playing the summer festival circuit with the Dukes Box and I definitely noticed how much sharper he was from the regular gigs both picking up on the breaks in the new songs and on the fills he used to accent the lyrics. The gig itself was OK, we ran thru a few at too fast a tempo and I stumbled with some finger picking. Aside from the technical stuff I don’t think the performance had as much vah-vah voom behind it as we’ve had with some prac sessions but I’m glad we’ve broken the ice in the new season.

Not doing much music work at the moment apart from the forth course unit on woodwinds. Wont be doing much over the next few weeks either as I’m on a deadline for the Grennan Mill craft school website for the 1st of November so plenty of Photoshop and coding time between now and then. Speaking of the course I got the tutor feedback from the third unit strings which was pretty darn positive and encouraging; nice to know I is trundling in the right direction especially after the amount of work I did trying to get the MIDI string lines to flow smoothly.