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Finished the Craft school site over the weekend and tis been up and live since Sunday eve, there’s still a few pictures to add to the student galleries and I need to run thru the use of wordpress with the course director to get a few blogs started but everything seems to be running smoothly so its straight into the design for the Happy Valley fest site this week. Hopefully before Christmas I’ll get the time to update waxbotanical.com and move it to a new host. Didn’t get a chance to fit in many jangs with Dermot during the week as twas flat out with the site and he was busy with the Deep Down Detox lads practicing for a gig in Cleere’s but the plan is to get in two or three jams this week and test out the new song versions at open mic next week. I’m running abit behind on the college units but I reckon I’ll be back on track by the end of January.