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It’s been a week spent working pretty much full-time on the Grennan mill site. I finished the CSS for the last page this afternoon, however there’s still some graphics and text to be changed by the course director and I have to get the student work galleries and wordpress blog integrated into the home and craft pages. As usual Internet Explorer has thrown a spanner in the works by refusing to display the rollover links correctly. All things goin well thou, it should be up and running by next weekend, after which I gotta get started on a smaller site for the Happy Valley festival. Tis great getting the work but not so happy with the small amount of time it leaves for the music.

I did however have some time during the week to get the guts of the fifth revision of ‘end these ways’ sorted. I ended up stealing the harmonic chord changes from the newer song I had started previous week which fit perfectly with the verses. I added a few notes to keep the melody behind the lyrics more in focus and checked it with Dermot on the drums earlier today and…thank b’jaysus it came all together nicely. Its the first time we’ve played one of the ten tunes and I’ve felt the arrangement is solid enough to be considered a finished tune. Just hope now it does’nt mean the rest of the songs require five revisions apiece too :P