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Bein a busy week of short jams with Dermot and song revisions, ‘End these ways’ has gone thru yet another change as I didnt think the chorus was packing enough punch. A few of the tracks are starting to sound more rounded out with varying dynamics on both drums and guitar and a few call and reponse vocals between myself and Dermot. I’m looking forward to seeing how the performance goes at the gig in Block T next week. Dermot gone to Wales for the weekend but first thing Monday we’ll be stuck into some more pratice. I’ve also nearly have my forth college unit finished, I spent most of the week working on the percussion lines. All going well I’ll have a mastered mp3 by the end of next week.

Alongside the music I still have two weeksite commissions to finish off before the new year so its gonna be a busy christmas. I was hoping to use the time after Stephens day and before the new year to work on the new version of this site but I might not get the time in which case the update will be pushed back till the end of january.