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Spent a good bit of time last week out practicing in Dermots for the gig on Saturday.    It was damnda’by cold in Block T on the night as there’s plenty of floor space and cold concrete to heat. Weren’t many in the place at the time as we were first on but I was happy with how the set went. The chunk of practice we did during the week really helped to keep the tempo and dynamics locked down which in turn made the two of us relax more on stage.   The up tempo/quirky timing changes we made to  ‘Black crow’ and ‘Jungle fever blues’ seemed to go down well and  I’am looking forward to seeing how they fare at the next gig,  planned hopefully for mid-January in Cork.  Big thanks to the folks at the Good Hatchery for inviting us up.

Back to website work this week and hopefully twill fit some practice in for the solo gig supporting the River valley Band on Stephens day.  Made yet another version of ‘End these ways’ over the weekend,  just can’t seem to get to a version that I’am happy with but I reckon it’ll happen eventually…  Dermot’s head is nearly melted with the constant changes to the song but tis good to keep him on his toes.  Will be mixing down college unit four this week and plan on arranging the score before the Christmas day if not before the new year.  It may take a while for me to get the balance between the winds and percussion right as there ended up being quite a lot of instruments used and I dont want the final mix to have a ‘wall of sound’ heaviness.   Double dose of EQ cuts all round especially when most orch sample sets are overly rich.