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Had a run thru the new song versions with Dermot yesterday. ‘End these ways’ soundin good with drum/guitar combo, perchance this is the finally the final re-vision…(cue rolled eye balls). Dermot loves the middle 8 as he gets to play lots of syncopations, pretty nutty but great if it works live. We also tried out some call and response vocal lines on the tail end of each verse on ‘Dangerous dude’. I think the more we play that sort of stuff, the more it’ll build up Dermot’s confidence to get on the mic some more. ‘Black crow’ is sounding tighter with each jam, it needs to be played quite fast thou for the breaks to work. Too slow and it starts sounding flat. I started on the final track, track 10, during the week (wup woop!). Came together purdy quickly, thank jeebus, not as much as track nine as it has more chord and finger work but the few tests with Dermot sounded good and also as its triplet time he gets to play around with some more unusual rhythms.

I’m still working on the Home page for Happy Valley Fest. Had a few more meetings/emails so the final choice of plugins/dynamic scripts has been made. The content took a while to figure out with the busy header and footer but it slid into place by the end of the week after much chopping and changing. I also added in more marquees, tents and details to the cartoon town. So long as the content works when coded I’m hopin that it should be my strongest site yet, and fingers crossed, lead to more commissions.