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Could’nt get the chorus to sit right on the newer version of red balloon so I went back to a previous rhythm and changed the centre from D minor to its relative F Major. Has a more jazzy/swing feel now but dropping back in and out of D minor gives it darker vibe. Not sure if the key changes will work every second verse but I’ll keep hammering it out for another few days and see how it sits. It’s also now got more finger picking than before, with some tricky bits (for me anywho) to manage on the chorus. ll’need to be purdy sharp to keep it running smooth when playin live or plenty more practice fore then either way. Speaking of which ,next gig is supporting the the Deep Down Detox at Billy Byrnes on the 12th of March. Looking forward to testing out the new version with added distortion.

Not much jams with Dermot the last week as I bein busy with webdesign. Rent-a-friend is finished, one minor script bug to sort still. I’ve starting in on the final layout for the happy valley fest this week and also bein doin up a gig poster for a charity event in the Set theatre for late March. Happy Valley site content area proving to be tricky as the header and footers are so busy with lots of colour. The home page needs to be up by the 1st of next month but I plan to have the layout finalized by next weekend (more importantly before the six nations games). Mick posted up the video for Castle Variations this week on Youtube, frm last August. Monitors/sound in the place were fantastic. I’m about mid way thru the video, red faced and sweaty as usual when playing out of pitch on falsetto : )