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1st year birthday of meself and dermot playin together will be nex wkend with the lights off mini fest in tommytown. Gig last weekend in Billy Byrnes went good, tricky without havin stage monitors but the prac paid off as we managed to get thru the few trickier songs blind. Lights off is unamplified so no prob with hearing ourselves and Dermot will have the percussive box of tricks out and be playin with chopsticks. I’m trying to get a fife song together as an intro, hopefully I’ll get enough time durin the week to finish it off. We didn’t get any practice in the week gone as we were both busy wrkin/family stuff but the plan is too be flat out the nex five nights. The revision of Ashes has come together purdy good, still have to test it out with drums. There’s a few changes I’d like to make to some song arrangements too, more of Dermot singing/backing and emphasizing the quieter sections.

The work on the wax botanical.com website update has ground to a halt as I got a call during the week that the happy valley fest was back on so I’ve been hard at the final layout and coding the last few days. The home page should be up by Tuesday morn, I’ll post a link next week. Started mixing down college unit seven yesterday, just the project notes and score to write out. Had a lot of fun with the brass effect crescendo samples, SAM library has a ‘big’ sound.