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Mighty busy week running up to the gig, got pretty weird at times workin and prac the five days straight. Was feelin the force with the cabin fever frm the last two weeks so I took Fri/Sat off. The gig went good, but even thou we were unplugged I still had a hard time hearing Dermot during some sections. We probably both got used to the more closed sound of his prac room. The amount of prac we did I think has improved the songs a gud bit, they seem to change of their own accord the more times we can hammer them out. Its been a long while since we played an acoustic set and it took me a while to re-adapt to playing with more percussion than just a drum kit. We’re gonna experiment abit with mic’ing up the weirder kit to see if we can get it workin amplified as it really adds an unusual sound to the songs.

We played a short fife/beatbox with harmonica/perc piece I had made up on wednesday as a encore. It was only a minute and half long and we just about got thru it but I’m definitely keen on using more instruments during the set, just need to set aside some prac time…I was really impressed with some of the other acts playing in particular those on the Saturday night who used a variety of instrumentation which got me mulling again over the idea of getting in some guest musicians for a song or two during the set to add bita different flavour. I was also mighty impressed by the musicianship of some of the performers, very tight songs with hardly a single note amiss. I cud do with sharpening up my guitar fingerwork.

The home page is up for the Happy Valley fest. A few edits/changes still to make and I’ll then begin on the layout of the map and schedule pages later in the week.  All going well it’ll be finished by the 1st week of April which should then allow me one wk to work on the mk.3 wax botanical site before I begin the next web design commission.  I finished the layout for the college unit 7 score this morning.   I’ ll finish the mix-down during tommorrow and post an mp3 on the blog nex Sun or Mon.