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After another large bout of re-oraganzing this week as I had to jiggify around the work order to accomadate more commission and course work time within each day.   Also started in on two new website commissions, one for an online sports programme yolk and the other a simple coding job of a predesigned site.  The v2 Bridgebrook arms site I’ve been working on with Sid, another graphics dude from Tommytown, is nearly done.  We built a landing banner for the facebook page, easy enough to do but tis hard enough  to apply any branding to facebook with the content area restrictions.   Wax Botanical dot com version three is moving along slower than I thought as Ive had to do a good deal of research as I went along into how alot of info and pictures can be displayed without loosing the overall minimal look. Most of the layout for each section is now pretty much nailed down so I reckon about a week ortwo  do should see the site finished.  Half thinking I should have left in a twitter feed as it was an easy way of putting up daily news/gossip/banter.

So what with all the web design and course work I unfortunately havent had much of any time for music and feel all the worse for it.  Next week thou I’ll be back to at least four hours music work per wrk day.   The Ableton and Miniak integration has also ground to a hault, A few more days of taking notes on manuls/vidoes/tutorials and I should have both set up for some song tests.  Had a good chat with Dermot the other day too after the poor performance we made at the gig in Billy Byrnes and we’re gonna go ahead with lookin for a bass player. I was really hoping to keep the band simple but if its effecting the sound this much then theres no point in making things this difficult for ourselves.  The only trick thou is trying to find someone of a simialar quirky musical ilk.  I also aim to get a few prac recordings of the set list as it stands as there’s feck all on the Sóng page soundcloud player as it stands.  Same goes for the Samp page.