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Started on the Berklee Topspin course today, unfor gonna miss the student online meet n’ greet as at GMT it falls at 3am. Will try make the next group chat with a large pot of coffee. The new site is slowly rolling out. Ive updated each of the music pages but I still have a lot of small style changes to make aswell as a few pages to layout namely the deign and about uns. There’s a one year Topspin plus account included with the Berklee course so I should soon have some widgets added to the site. I’m currently testing out a few wordpress sliders to use for the design gallery, I may just have the whole portfolio on one page I aint decided yet. Had a gig with Dermot in Billy Byrnes last Sat nite, we only had two evenins too practice so the set was the same as we used for the Happy Valley Fest gig. Unfor most folk were outside in the beergarden and the few inside didnt seem to pick up on the material-our fault for not being able to win em over. I’m gonna try get a few variations in the set prepared over the summer so we’re better able to match an atmosphere.

Finished the Kilkenny Arts week exhibition updates for the Grennan mill site on Friday. I like the fact that Alex, the course director, picked a wide variety of artists for the show, some real nice sample work pieces on the artist pages too.