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Distractions, distraction and more divided attentions. Yet another week inflicted for the most part by “option paralysis” . Too much to do and not knowing where to start. Always seems to be this way between finishing one set of jobs and starting another. Its like it takes a while for things to settle down and the wheels to start spinning again. Seems to be more wheels to get going each time too. This being the case I’m trying to figure out how I can cover just the bare minimum of each subject (currently WordPress, PHP, orchestral harmony, Ableton 8…) in order to get the required job done. This wouldn’t be the case if I hadn’t been steadily building up my list of creative expectations over the last ten years to hopefully achieve before I’m six foot under. One of the largest deviations this week was my indecision of sticking with Dremaweaver for building websites or to go more the hands approach on and use a text editor. Upgrading to Dreamweaver CS5.5 would allow me to more easily edit/preview dynamic content (something I haven’t been able to do with CS3) but going the text editor route I would gain a better working knowledge of website development and structure. I decided to go with the latter as its cheaper. I bought a copy of Digging into WordPress yesterday. Lots of stuff to cover and together with some tutorials I’ve picked out on Lynda.com I’ve drawn up a study list to work thru over the next ten too twelve months. The result of all this will be a better product: faster, safer, better-designed, better structured and more easily managed websites not to mention learning how to get more out of Illustrator and Photoshop.

Very little music wise the last week. Having a meeting with Dermot this eve or tomorrow (he lost his phone in the Atlantic so whenever we bump into each other) to plan out the practice sessions before the three gigs in August. I also met up with Liam Tino, bass player from local act River Valley Band to discuss maybe playin with Mallavogue. He’s been tinkering round with a double bass and hopefully if he likes our material we’ll be lucky enough to have him join us for a gig or three. I spotted a new loop pedal I hadnt seen before on thomann.de during the week. The Vox VDL-1 is a two track looper similar to the Boss R-30 I’ve had my eye on but has a few extra features extra and is fifty quid cheap. Good thing tis me birthday nex week…