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Finally got thru the rest of the Ableton Live 8 manual this week. Just the short CL-3 manual to get thru and then I’ll start building some tracks with the new’ish live rig. Looking forward to once again trawling thru record/charity shops looking for weird spoken word LP’s or anything with a decent few breaks. It’s been five years since I was last making songs from samples and it’ll be interesting how the process differs when now using Ableton to arrange the material. There’s some mighty sweet features for processing loops in real time in version 8 and hopefully with the APC40 I’ll be able to do most of it live.

Had jam with Dermot yesterday after a two week absence of any sort of practice together. We gotta get busy for the three gigs lined up in August. We’re gonna record the set tomorrow as it stands so I can run up a CD in order for Liam to be able to test out some bass lines with or simply to see whether he likes the material or not. I’m still humming and hawing over the Vox loop pedal. Kinda pricey for 2 hundred and fifty. I might try using the pedal loop function in Ableton just in the studio for the moment to set if the concept will work out as a live sole act (looped beatbox/synth over guitar and voice and some fife is the rough idea). Hoping to also get back to composing again. It’s been a month and a half since I’ve written anything and I’m keen to start writing new material but cant see at the moment how I can make the time. Maybe a few hours twice a week will have to suffice.

On the web design front I got a few more projects in the pipes for August/September and next week I’m gonna sign up to Lynda.com in order to improve the product so to speak. There’s a good cupp’la areas I’d like to build up my knowledge in to help make the coding and structure process smoother so I can focus more on the design and concept work.