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We had our first gig with Liam on bass last Saturday at this years Castle Variations. Really nice set-up they had, twas in a bigger castle/house this time. More room for accommodation, recording and practicing and even two full time cooks. The end of week show was on out back in the walled garden on a stage they had built the day before. They had carpets and couches set out on the lawn and a bits and pieces around the stage to give it a sitting room vibe. Fair play to Liam for playing the gig with us on such short notice as we only had the three or four practices beforehand. Has completely changed the sound of the set, a much fuller sound. I wish we’d done it sooner and hopefully he’s into the music enough to play with us another while yet. He’s a quality bass player and picked up on the quirkiness of the songs quickly even enough to add in some counterpoint melody lines during the low end guitar sections.

Another crazy week ahead with Gift of the Gab mini fest next Fri and Sat. Besides helping with set-up gonna have to try get in plenty of practice with Liam and Dermo.  Other website/design work put on the back burner for the week.  Unfortunately the R-2 loop pedal I picked up last month week doesn’t have a mic input on it so its gonna go back up on the ebay.  I did however manage to get a good deal today on a Vox VD-L1 stateside so all going well I’ll be able to test out some beatboxing/weird percussion with songs in the near future.