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Another min-fest in Ballytobin bein and gone. T’were a hectic few days but all seemed to have had a good time and the weather was dry and decent for the most part. We got the whole place cleaned up and back in order in around eight hours, foopin bet after it thou I was. Our own gig on the Saturday night seemed to go down well. We were more relaxed than the previous week and it seemed to be the right time in the night for the kind of material we were playing. Liam has headed off on holiday with his misses for a few days and hopefully when he gets back we can organize a few more jams to integrate the newer songs in time for the next gig (mid September most likely). We’re also planning on recording some of the songs for the Song/Mallavogue page. I’ve been saying I’ll do this for ages now and it’s be great to finally have some stuff up online we can point people too. With regards the site I also aim to finish it off by the end of next month. The design work has slowed down alot over the last month due to the gigs and course work but I’ll get things moving again this week. With no gigs to practice for at the moment I should have the time to work on bringing in the Akai Miniak into the set even if just for one or two songs. The set needs more danceable tracks and some synth stuff will help offset the folk/countryish sound some of the songs hint at.