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Flat out the last week with commission work. Started on a site for a local DJ-Kilo1977, an album cover, a shop front logo and a mock-up for an event company in Dublin. Not much time for finishing off version three of Wax Botanical.com but I have time planned next week to finish the last few bits; namely the text on the project and performer pages and replacing a few of the plugin/slider icons. I did get the portfolio and light box links finished thou so site-wide there’s more gig photos, poster samples and past project images. As usual thou as soon as I have the layout finished it sparks my head off in another direction and now I’m gonna add a page with a bit of info on the studio aswell as the two additional studios planned for the next five years, one out in the sticks in Callan and one in Kilkenny.

I tried out a few sepia indian ink pens durin the week, makes a subtle difference to the black when doin life drawing. Was also experimenting with some different pen techniques, takes more discipline as I’m used to the scribblin : P Lookin forward to starting with washes over the next month. Hopefully by Christmas I’ll have one or two pre-design test pieces to put up on the site that will show where I’ll be going with the images for the first short stories planned for completion during 2012. Had a practice with the lads las night, bein a while since we’d practiced with Liam as he was off on holiday and busy with other band work. We were all abit ropey but gud to get the wheels going again and a few more sessions next week should get us back on track from which we’ll start adding in the other tunes I’ve bein workin on. Next gig is on the 29th, so defo plenty of time to sort out the new material.