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Tricky commission work this week as the brief for the Whiteliars site was among other things; ‘flat colours, minimal graphics and anti-artwork’! Not too sure which way to go with it. I’ve done up a few mock-ups, some with a USSR poster vibe and others with a simple paper cut-out pattern effect. I’ll know by the next meeting whether any of these are in the right direction. You Gotta luv a challenge thou : P Waiting to hear back what edits are needed for the Hole in the wall brochure. It was interesting laying out a design with a tudor/medeival look. They might(fingers crossed) be looking for a website update further down the line and I got a few ideas to do with mixing up medeival illustration with modern instruments that’d be fun to design. Elseway’s I gotta gud bita work done on finsihing waxbotanical.com over the last week, the ‘about’ links/page designs for each music type are all finished except for the dummy text. I went for a simple hand-drawn look for each one. Next week I plan on getting the discog and current projects pages finished and the week after(wuhoooo)the site will be finished or leastways to a stage where I can happily leave it alone for a while : P

Haven’t done much songwriting this week as its been all about the practice for the gig tonight. Bit apprehensive as the venue is quite large and we don’t have Liam on the bass with us so we gotta be really on the ball with each song as any mistakes are more noticeable being as I cant hide em behind a bassline. That said thou its been good playing with just the two of us and I think it’ll only make it better when Liam joins us again as it forces me to be more disciplined with my string playing. We’ve another gig lined up for the end of October and hopefully one before then; a mid week gig where we’ll play a song or two with the new band members…