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Had some very productive jams with the lads over the last week. Starting to get a better idea of where I can now add in some instruments and where an instrument should be taken out for a few bars. Black Crow in particular has gone thru a gud few changes, Dermot’s now playing a sixteenth note pattern to a slower version and we’ve extended the choruses to be twice as long. Tis now an altogether more easier song to nod your head too. One or two of the other tracks have a small change or two but mostly I now have plans for how and where to have Eoghain and Maura playing. Next week I’m gonna try write out each of the tracks in TAB so I can then start to play with some additional lines. The aim is, by the next gig, to have the five of us playing together on at least three or four tunes.

Busy with commission work this week, thankfully, as always I suppose. Finished the album artwork for the Whiteliars new CD and have the website for Kilo1977 nearly finished. Didn’t have much time for my own site, there’s still the studio page to be designed and the press section text and downloads to be edited. I was hoping to get back to some composing by November but it looks like it’ll be another few weeks yet…